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Legendary: Game of Heroes

We worked alongside N3TWORK Studios to take over development for Legendary: Game of Heroes. We’ll continue expanding on the vast collection of heroes and terrifying monsters that our players have come to expect from this incredible match-3 puzzle RPG!

Legendary: Game of Heroes gameplay screenshot


Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes releases its 100th hero, crosses the 30 million player mark, and hits top 50 mobile games

Disney Heroes


Disney Heroes Launches

We partnered with Disney to launch Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Disney Heroes is a hero battler RPG featuring characters from dozens of Disney and Pixar franchises all united in a digital world to battle to save the internet. It amassed over 15 million players within a year of launch and was even featured on the big screen in Times Square.

Disney Heroes


Portal Quest Launches

Portal Quest launched as a real time RPG with a quirky cast of characters which grew to 4 millions players within a year of launch.

Portal Quest


DragonSoul Launches

We launched our first hero battler RPG DragonSoul which grew to nearly 10 million players and became a Top 10 Western RPG on Android within a year of launch. DragonSoul was acquired by GREE International in 2016.



Titan Empires Launches

Titan Empires continued our evolution in the strategy games genre. It quickly grew to 1 million players within a month of launch.

Titan Empires


Boardtastic Launches

Boardtastic is released as part of our exploration into more casual games and becomes one of the most popular skateboarding games on Android.


Greed for Glory Launches

We expanded into the strategy games genre with the launch of Greed for Glory, which grew to over 2 million players by end of year. It became the top city defense game and a Top 25 Game on Google Play.

Greed for Glory


Parallel Mafia Launches

We expanded our “Parallel” location-based game franchise with the launch of Parallel Mafia. Our Parallel franchise of games amassed 1 million players.

Parallel Mafia


Parallel Kingdom Launches

We launched our first game Parallel Kingdom, which was one of the first mobile RPGs. Parallel Kingdom subsequently had 5 total “Age” launches over the next 5 years and grew to become one of the most successful mobile location-based RPGs.


PerBlue Founded

PerBlue is founded by University of Wisconsin students in our college apartments to make fun games for the new iPhone and Android smartphones. We bootstrapped for the first few years, working from folding tables and subsisting on mac n cheese. Most of the founding team is still with PerBlue today.